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Nude Celebrity Review: Celebrity Fake Sites
[ Reviews of sites offering primarily nude celebrity fakes - many have additional content ]

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A Bit About Sites with Fake Nude Celebrities

  Nude celebrity fakes have become a huge area of celebrity content. While they used to be crummy cut & paste jobs, artists (yes, artists) have gotten so good you can't tell if it's real or not. All of the sites listed here make it very clear their content consists of fake celebrity nudes, not real nude celebrities. I applaud their talent and hard work. I think you will, too.

[ Sites are listed alphabetically, not by any sort of rank ]
  Celebrity Fantasies   [ www.celebfantasies.com ]
  If you read the page about fakes this is the site I referred to in the "digital fantasy art" section. Not your typical fakes by any means. These pictures are incredible fantasy scenes created by real artsists who's talent amazes me.
  The site features a growing collection of fantasy fake nude celebrity pictures that include top stars from film, TV, sports, politicians (guess who) and music in a very appealing thumbnailed layout. It's also a very fast site. If you love celebrities and appreciate art you must visit this site.

  Divine Fakes   [ www.divinefakes.com/ ]
  A rare find in a fake site. First, it's run by a woman. Second, she does all of the fakes herself. Don't ask if she's bisexual or a lesbian. Miss Divine says she does them to sharpen her skills and because she enjoys it.
  Each of her creations are very high resolution and unless your an expert on fakes you'd never know they were such. Personally I liked the one of Anna Kournikova the best out of those I viewed.
  Other nice touches are the message board and ability to have her create a custom fake for you. She also has a nice tutorial section if you want to learn. I'm certainly going back to see more.

  Fake Club   [ www.fakeclub.com/ ]
  The Club offers a diverse collection of conent that's not seen on most sites of this type. It's a really fun site comprised of standard fakes, cartoons, and movies along with other interesting content.
  The Movie Room features a host of well done fake nude celebrity movies from R to XXX. In the B-Spot is the largest Bundy Family fake archive I know of featuring fake nude and action pics of the whole family plus Bundy stories, Bundy quotes and even Bundy postcards you can send to friends. I almost forgot: there is even a Boss Key so you won't get caught checking out Christina Applegate at work!
  If that doesn't keep you busy check out the German Fake section, the histerical Cartoon Fake area or the Best of All section of thousands of famous fake celebrity nudes. To finish things off there is a message board and the Fake Chart that lists the top all time wanted celebrity fakes. Definitely a site to visit and have a good time at.

  The Lair Of Lux Lucre   [ www.lairofluxlucre.com ]
  Fun is certainly something you'll have here. The Lair features more than your typical fake site. Yes, there are loads of fake pictures of the hot stars of the day. It's done in colorful graphics and comic fonts. The pictures themselves, for the most part, are of excellent quality.
  When I mentioned fun, I wasn't kidding. Checkout the Fake Ball section with nude celebrities faked into baseball and football scenarios, attend the Fake University to learn how to do it, compete in the The Great Fake Challenge if think you've got the talent. There are even Faking Songs and The Fake Detective who is famous for spotting fakes webmasters try to pass of as the real thing.
  I haven't been able to tour the member area yet but based on what I saw in the free area I thought it warranted listing anyway. I think you'll enjoy just the free area of the site should you decide not to join.

  Trillian's Celebrity Fakes   [ www.trillianfakes.com ]
  The incredible fakes of Cameron Diaz and other stars on the opening page are, quite possibly, enough to make you go blind! The site is broken into sections like Trillians Fakes, Celeb Galleries (work by other fakers), Specials (specific themes), Top Ten, Tutorials and more. Definitely check out the Specialty section for some unusual content like a complete picnic collection of Nikki Cox fake nudes.
  In the Trillian Fakes section the menu system is very unique, if not fun. Fake celebrity pics are separated into Singers, Models, Actresses and Unsorted. All of very high quality. The celebrity galleries are alphabatized to make finding someone easy. This is where other fakers are showcased. Want to learn how they do it? Visit the Tutorial Area and learn their tricks. No doubt you'll enjoy your visits to Trillians.

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