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Nude Celebrity Review: Male Picture Sites
[ Reviews of sites offering primarily nude male celebrity photos - many have additional content ]

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Nude Male Celebrities Are Now Very Popular

  In the last few years it seems more and more people have gained interested in nude male celebrities. Some are gay and a bunch are women. From either angle the male butt has become quite a commodity. There are two unfortunate issues regarding nude male celebrity sites: 1. Movies feature far less male nudity than female. 2. 99% of the nude male celebrity sites are disasters of popup consoles that drive me (and most) crazy. After many hours of hunting these are the best nude male celebrity sites I've found.

[ Sites are listed alphabetically, not by any sort of rank ]
  Male Stars   [ www.malestars.com ]
  If you are searching for beefy male celebrities, then this is the site for you! There is a wide assortment of celebrities, from soap stars to singers and models. Finding your way through the site is easy thanks to the help of the category tabs that are located at the top of the page, as well as down below. Searching for your favorite stud is also easy. Just type in a name and feast your eyes on their pictures, which are sorted based on nudity and non-nudity.
  The site is also loaded with extras. Features include the gorgeous men of Queer as Folk and the hunky men of Oz. Want to see foreign celebrities too? No problem! The site has them listed by country so pick one and enjoy.
  As a special bonus you get unrestricted access to other sites, video feeds and movies. You can also chat and meet some hot, single men. The site is updated daily with dazzling pictures and videos. Weekly gossip keeps you in the celebrity loop.
  This site is intense with content and definitely fulfills your celebrity and XXX desires.

  Male Celebrities   [ www.malecelebrities.com ]
  There's no question this would qualify as a male celebrity mega site just from the celeb content. Beyond celebrities there's also many other types of male content from R to XXX. Live video feeds, twinks, and tons of other gay content.
  When it comes to nude male celebrities this site has others I've seen beat hands down. They've done a marvelous job of breaking down the male celebrity nudes into very diverse categories so those who have special interests can find it quickly. The full gallery of many thousands of nude male celebrities is completed by special area like Male Soap Stars, Hairy Actors, the James Bond Gallery, the Leonardo DeCaprio shrine, Celebrity Cuties, Foreign Celebrities, and of course, a nude male celebrity fake gallery.
  Although the site is huge navigation is simplified by an ever present menu on the bottom two lines of all screens. So, if you tire of pictures go play some games, enjoy male celebrity trivia, check out autographs, movie reviews or head for the hardcore section. Virtually every gallery allows you to rate it when you're through. You can also catch one of the many men's magazines they have or get into some hot chat in over 1,000 chat rooms.
  So, if nude male celebrities are your thing you should head over to this site and don't forget some coffee, as you'll be here till the wee hours of the morning.

  Nude Male Celebrities   [ www.nudemalecelebrities.com ]
  Male celebrities have become a huge deal on the Internet to both women and men. This site is certain to please with its host of today's hot men of "notoriety", as they put it. You'll find actors, musicians, athletes, entertainers, politicians and more.
  A great feature is the list of male celebrity web sites by individual person. Most everyone is available. In addition to the nude photos the webmaster hunts down all sorts of stuff like related software to round out the site. Easy and quick to navigate the site should be bookmarked if you like male celebrities.

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